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Mexican Spiced Aubergine Stuffed Field Mushroom

Serves 2

Recipe Cost: £2.42

Cost Per Portion: £1.21

Mushrooms are all too often just an ingredient, never the star of the show. We think this is a tragedy, give them the chance and they can be your leading lady. We have this one as a Vegan dish by using vegan Mozzarella but if you are not vegan normal Mozzarella will do just fine.



2 large flat field Mushrooms (often easier to get Portobello mushrooms)

1/2 Aubergine small diced

1-2 teaspoons The Greedy Fox Mexican Seasoning

100 gram Vegan Mozzarella

4 tablespoon The Greedy Fox Mexican Ragu

1/2 small diced yellow pepper

2 finely chopped spring onion

Handful chopped coriander

Fry Light


pre-heat oven 200 degrees

Clean mushrooms and scrape out brown gills, set aside.

In a frying pan Fry the aubergine over a med-high heat for 2 mins add seasoning and cook for a further minute, remove from pan and set aside.

In a bowl mix the aubergine and pepper mix,spring onion, mozzarella and Mexican Ragu mix until all combined.

Stuff mushrooms and bake for 8-12 mins until cheese is melted and golden.

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