Chickpea Bites

Serves 2

Recipe Cost: £0.98

Price Per Portion:£0.49

We have these for lunch on a regular basis, all whole food, low fat and incredibly tasty. For lunches we slice them in half and add to a wholemeal pitta bread with some fat free yoghurt and chilli sauce.


150 grams each of chickpeas and sweetcorn
2 tablespoons of The Greedy Fox Burger seasoning
A handful of fresh coriander leaf

Half a sliced chilli [optional]

2 tablespoons of gluten free flour

Juice of half a lime.

A tsp of Rapeseed Oil or your alternative


1)Put all ingredients into a food processor and pulse, keeping some texture in the mix

2) Form into equal sized balls and fry in fry light or a teaspoon of rape seed oil.

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