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Cajun Frickles by The Greedy Fox

A perfect accompaniment for a bbq or a brilliant side dish in general. If you love pickles and love fried food then The Greedy Fox Frickles are right up your street.


250g sliced Gherkins

200g gluten free plain flour

225g Soda water/lager

1tbsp The Greedy Fox Cajun Seasoning

Oil for frying.


Pre Heat oil 180deg

Mix the Flour and Greedy Fox Cajun seasoning in a large bowl season with a little salt. Make a well in the centre of the flour and slowly whisk in the soda water/lager.

Pat dry the gherkins with a piece of kitchen towel or a clean tea towel.

Add half the pickles to the batter, remove with a slotted and carefully put into the hot oil 1 at a time and fry for 1-2mins until golden. Repeat with the other half.

Drain on kitchen paper and serve while hot.

Perfect with your favourite lip tingling hot sauce.

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