Bean Burger by The Greedy Fox

Serves 2

Recipe Cost: £1.32

Cost Per Portion: £0.66

Wow! Our Greedy Fox BBQ seasoning makes these plain ingredients come alive. Its perfect for Vegans and makes a great alternative to those trying to have more meat free days. Our favourite buns are brioche buns, the sweetness in them really completes the dish. For a little spice we add some chill sauce on top. We love to make a selection of these, making the mix and then just adding a different Greedy Fox seasoning. Play around, make it your own.


150g cooked mixed beans [we used black beans, pinto beans and chick pea you can buy tins of mixed beans)
25g sweetcorn (drained)
Chopped chilli [use as much as you can handle, optional]
Handful coriander
The juice of half a lime
2-3 tablespoons gluten free plain flour
2 tablespoons The Greedy Fox BBQ seasoning

Wholemeal Baps or Brioche Buns or Gluten free rolls of choice


1) Place all ingredients into a food processor and pulse until combined but leaving a little texture in the mix.
2) Shape into patties and fry in fry light or 2 teaspoons rapeseed oil [or oil of your choosing)

3) Serve in a wholemeal bap or brioche bun with a thick slice of tomato and some fresh salad leaves, baked sweet potato fries on the side

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